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Donor Advised Funds

Charitable gifting is a core value for Christopher Street Financial. We have a long history of giving back to the LGBTQ+ community that continues into present-day initiatives. We find that many of our clients share this value and look for effective ways to implement gifting in their financial plans. Because of this, Christopher Street Financial has formed a partnership with the Renaissance Charitable Foundation to enable clients to create Donor Advised Funds. These accounts simplify the process of charitable gifting, provide vehicles to implement long-term gifting strategies, and involve the family in your philanthropic vision.

A donor advised fund is simple to set up and does not require elaborate tax reporting. This enables you to support charities on a timeline of your choice while still enjoying the tax advantage of charitable giving when contributions are made to the fund. There are a handful of critical decision points impacting the creation of this type of charitable account. We are happy to work with you and your accountant to ensure you have a solid understanding of the choices you have and the long-term impact a donor advised fund will have on your personal financial picture.