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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are united in our commitment to provide the LGBTQ+ community, and allies, with access to professional financial planning and investment services.

Our firm is a safe and trusted place to connect and get answers.  We have the professional designations you want to see, the decades of experience you expect, but most importantly, the desire to work with you as an individual.  

What we are most proud of is our people.  We are a diverse team of professionals with our own goals and dreams.

We know how it feels to work towards a goal that is important to us — and to seek a little guidance and help when needed.

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Our founder, Robert "Bob" Casaletto, was a visionary and activist. He coined the tagline, "Gay Money, Straight Advice" in a New York Times ad in 1985, boldly and proudly bringing Christopher Street beyond the gay press and into mainstream media.

In addition to establishing Christopher Street Financial, Bob Casaletto founded another organization that became known as the Empire State Pride Agenda, a group of working toward changing policy and protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

When Bob passed away in 1996, his estate plan gifted ownership of Christopher Street Financial to the American Civil Liberties Union for their Gay and Lesbian Project. Jennifer Hatch, our current president, took the helm shortly thereafter. She continues to carry on Bob's vision to provide a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community and meet the needs of future generations.

Fun fact: Our logo is an aerial view of Christopher Street on a map.  Click here to read our blog about it.

Today & Tomorrow

A lot has changed since the birth of our company, yet our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community and allies remains the same.

We see a wider range of people seeking us out to be their trusted advisor on their financial journey — including families, women, single parents, socially responsible investors, and charitable organizations.

Our vision remains as we continue to grow.

We are recruiting talent from across the nation.  We are implementing cutting-edge technology.  And, we are expanding our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients in an ever changing world.