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Our investment philosophy

Investment Management

We offer a broad range of financial products and services, as well as, specially designed portfolios for those interested in ESG Investing. Our team delivers consistent long-term performance through scientifically constructed asset allocation portfolios. We use the financial plan created together to build a portfolio that is based on your specific needs and attitude towards risk. Studies confirm our belief that the overwhelming determinant of success in an investment strategy, is not based on which specific stocks or funds are selected but how the assets are divided among asset classes (e.g., cash, bonds, foreign stocks, etc). After our advisors analyze your circumstances, they develop a proposal for the allocation of your specific asset categories. We then select individual investment managers, who demonstrate a consistent ability to outperform their peers — using mutual funds, ETFs, or institutional money managers.

Investment Management Philosophy

At Christopher Street Financial, we offer comprehensive investment solutions and portfolios that optimize the opportunity to meet the long-term financial planning goals of our clients. Our primary strategy is to use a series of proprietary model portfolios that have been created by Christopher Street Financial to address objectives ranging from capital preservation to growth across a spectrum of risk profiles.


In creating and maintaining our proprietary series of model portfolios, we look to:

  • Create multi-asset portfolios with fixed income and equities, incorporating diversified allocation best practices
  • Incorporate macro views on capital markets and the economy at a given risk level
  • Select funds and fund managers who are low cost in relation to peers
  • Pursue a strategic, and not a tactical, approach – maintaining asset allocations through market cycles by rebalancing quarterly
  • Minimize uninvested cash to maximize the benefit of compound growth over time


Our series of model portfolios are designed to provide a range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Portfolio options are designed in consideration of the potential range of clients’:

  • Investment time horizon
  • Investment objectives
  • Risk tolerance
  • Personal values, such as solutions that include Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations