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financial planning

Holistic Financial Planning

One of the first questions often asked is, “Do I have enough?” Regardless of whether the focus is retirement, paying for education, a new home, leaving a legacy, or all the above, we want to understand what “enough” means to you.

We start by building a picture of your current situation and future options. As our client, you receive an in-depth analysis of your financial information to see how all the pieces come together. These pieces may include social security, pensions, investment accounts, retirement savings, and life or long-term care insurance.

By weaving all of the pieces together, using sophisticated software and decades of experience, we start to test your questions about “enough” and demonstrate the benefits of other choices.

We can explore:

LGBTQ+ Planning

Individuals, couples, and families.

Retirement & Income Sources

Salaries, pensions, and Social Security.

Estate Planning

Security for when you are gone.

Education Planning

Tuition funds for your loved ones.

Charitable Giving Strategies

Contribute to the causes you care about.

Donor Advised Funds

Long-Term Care Planning

Receive the correct care and protection.