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Many clients come to us with the desire to select investments that are made with the intention of generating measurable, positive social and/or environmental impact alongside financial return.

ESG investing is based on gaining a deeper understanding not only of a company’s financials but their current actions and future initiatives to improve the world. These screens, in conjunction with corporate financial strength, then guide which companies will be included or excluded from a portfolio. This focus is not central to all our clients, which is why we offer both ESG and traditional portfolio options. 

What Does ESG Stand for?


nvironmental screens focus on conservation, climate change, and ecologically proactive policies and actions.


ocial Investing focuses on gender, diversity, human rights, and labor standards within the company.


overnance looks at the standards for running a company, board composition, political contributions, and lobbying.

We are proud to make ESG investing accessible to our clients in addition to continuing to provide our traditional investment options. At Christopher Street Financial, we believe this enables you to bring your personal story into your financial picture on a very different level. Not interested in ESG? No problem! We have many options to fit your story as well.